The Key Chapters of Genesis: Unpacking God's Word (Key Chapters of the Bible) (Paperback)

The Key Chapters of Genesis: Unpacking God's Word (Key Chapters of the Bible) By Russ Brewer Cover Image

The Key Chapters of Genesis: Unpacking God's Word (Key Chapters of the Bible) (Paperback)


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This study guide contains 22 studies in the key chapters of Genesis. Each chapter includes a detailed explanation of the key chapter followed by about 15 study and discussion questions. Here are the Key Chapters of Genesis that we'll discuss (some chapters are grouped together for simplicity here below, but are separate studies in the book):

Genesis 1 & 2 (two lessons) - We'll discuss the creation of everything and the creation of mankind. We'll also unpack our purpose for life according to God's design.

Genesis 3 - We'll look at the entrance of sin into this world, the nature of evil; the impact of sin and God's solution for it.

Genesis 4 - We'll look at Cain and Abel's sacrifices and why God accepted Abel's sacrifice and not Cain's. We'll also look at Cain's murder of Abel and the influence of sin on the society that Cain established.

Genesis 6 to 9 (four lessons) - We'll look at the flood; its cause, its reason and its outworking. We'll also discuss some basic principles of how the Genesis record of the flood is a reliable account of what actually happened.

Genesis 11 - We'll look at the infamous Tower of Babel and what sin the people committed and why God's judgment was poured out upon them. More importantly, we'll see how Genesis 11 becomes the darkened backdrop to the rest of the Bible.

Genesis 12 - Here we begin to discuss God's covenant with Abraham to establish a holy nation dedicated to the Lord.

Genesis 14 - We'll dig into the important account of the person of Melchizedek and see how his priesthood points to the priesthood of Jesus.

Genesis 15 - We'll take a deeper dive into the Abrahamic Covenant and explain the ceremonial process of the covenant between God and Abraham.

Genesis 17 - We'll discuss the rite of circumcision and explain how it expresses the faith of the parents. We'll also grapple with why God chose circumcision in the first place and why only males were circumcised and not females.

Genesis 21 & 22 (two lessons) - We'll discuss the arrival of Isaac and the vital promises that God made to Abraham; specifically how the "seed" that God promised actually referred to four different people or groups of people. We'll also discuss who those people were/are.

Genesis 25 & 26 (one lesson) - We'll look at the path Jacob took to becoming the patriarch of Israel and how God worked in his life to bring about his true conversion and true surrender to the Lord.

Genesis 37 & 45 (two lessons) - We'll skim through the life of Joseph taking time to address the important lessons from his character, God's work in his life, forgiveness, and Joseph's vital role in the history of Israel.

Genesis 49 - We'll unpack Jacob's key prophetic blessings over his sons and grandsons, and how these blessings form the framework through which the rest of the Bible is understood.

Whether you go through this guidebook individually, as a small group, or as a class, this careful study through the key chapters of Genesis will help deepen your fellowship with our Lord and your commitment to His work in your life and the world.

This book serves as a standalone study, however, it is based on the free "Key Chapters of the Bible" Podcast. The Key Chapters Bible Podcast is a daily podcast that goes over the key chapters of the Bible (from Genesis to Revelation) explaining how each one fits into the overall message of God and how it relates to our lives now. The podcast episodes are conversational in tone and are available on all major podcast platforms, including itunes, Spotify, Amazon Audible and YouTube. It has listeners from around the world and in 2020 it was ranked in the Top 10 Bible Podcasts on
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