Your Ideas About Health & Medicine Are All Fucked Up (Paperback)

Your Ideas About Health & Medicine Are All Fucked Up By Philosopher Newport Cover Image

Your Ideas About Health & Medicine Are All Fucked Up (Paperback)


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Based on intense, vigorous research, and according to "alternative" yet reputable doctors & scientists, there are no contagious illnesses or diseases for any humans, animals, plants or bugs.

Illness is personal & subjective and relative to YOUR life-story. It's relative to what you have consumed and been exposed to. It's relative to toxic household & personal care products, medicines, vaccines, diet, and how you handle stress, worry, and disappointment.

You can't catch anyone's hemorrhoids or headache or flatulence or indigestion or fever or cancer or sore tooth or constipation or hiccups or hay-fever or sinusitis, so what makes you think you can catch anyone's cough or sneeze or their reason for vomiting or diarrhea or dehydration?

Unless you're a real sickly person, you gotta admit, when you look back, you did NOT catch MOST of the colds & flu that were said to be going around. MOST OF THE TIME you did NOT catch your wife's or parent's or friend's or child's cold or flu. Therefore, since it only seemed to have happened SOMETIMES, that's not good enough for Gold Standard scientific proof, and only qualifies as mere COINCIDENCE. Yes, like it or not, coincidences DO happen.

There are other explanations for why you seemed to have caught someone's illness or disease, but why would you try to find out if you already believe in contagious "bugs"?

Have you done your research? Looked at Koch's Postulates? Located ANY peer-reviewed published papers claiming to have discovered a "virus"? Located the section about Process or Method for isolating & purifying the supposed pathogenic, contagious microorganism? Compared what you found with your comprehension of the Postulates?

I have not found any papers that fulfill the Postulates. Furthermore, none of the papers speak of Negative Controls. Most modern-day papers don't even use humans in their experiments -- so no placebos, no control groups.

Can you name ONE creature on earth whose sole purpose for existence is to infect a host and kill it, thus killing itself?
Would it make sense for Nature/God to create a kamikaze creature whose sole purpose is to kill other creatures? Even parasites do their best to NOT kill their hosts. But "viruses"? By definition they only exist to kill and die -- and yet, all other creatures exist to live as long as possible.

Sounds like man-made, fear-porn HORSESHIT to me

Viruses do not exist at all. Zilcho. Zero. A "virus" is described as a pathogenic, contagious microorganism and not a single one has ever been removed from a sick human or animal and placed into a healthy human or animal who then became sick. NOT ONE. Prove me wrong. Show me the paper and the exact quote describing such an experiment.

Remember: Petri-dish cell death does not count as isolation nor proof of a microbe being pathogenic or contagious.
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