Forgive: Up-rooting The Root Of Bitterness (Paperback)

Forgive: Up-rooting The Root Of Bitterness By Sheldon D. Newton Cover Image

Forgive: Up-rooting The Root Of Bitterness (Paperback)


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Are you having a problem forgiving someone who did you wrong?

Are you struggling with inward pain, misery, and bitterness because of some unkind word or deed that was done against you? Forgiveness is the key to your freedom. But how can you forgive this person, especially when you think of what they said to you, said about you, or did to you, or to someone you love? Is that even possible, to forgive and just let it go? The answer is a resounding YES

In this life-changing study on real forgiveness from the heart, you will discover practical principles or keys to walking in forgiveness and experiencing real inner healing from the hurts and wounds of the past - principles you can begin applying immediately.

You will see what forgiving others have to do with your walk with the Lord, answered prayers, and even healing for your body. You will receive healing for your emotional sufferings, and inner peace and tranquility.

Perhaps you have been really hurt and wounded by people, and you can sense great resentment, bitterness, anger and hostility burning on the inside of you towards them. Forgive, not just for the one you are forgiving, but also for you. Your healing, peace, and freedom will be found in your releasing the seed of that hurt that may have been planted in the garden of your heart and allowed to grow up. That tree of hostility, anger, and resentfulness can be rooted up That bitterness can be destroyed. Moreover, in order for you to receive God's healing, it is imperative that you learn how to forgive and let it go. This book will show you how to do just that

Discover the power of forgiving others and how to do so quickly in this life-changing study. You will learn why it is important to forgive; how to forgive easier than you may have ever thought possible; what happens when you choose not to forgive; how to enjoy real fellowship with God; and how to be free from anxiety, strife and inner turmoil, and walk in peace, joy, and rest. This book will change your life.

It's time to let those old feelings, hurts and wounds of the past go, regardless of how good it may feel to hold onto and nurse them. They have been holding you back spiritually, and in other ways too. LET THEM GO, NOW Get your copy of this book and see just how easy it can be.
Product Details ISBN: 9798526363532
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 24th, 2021
Pages: 156
Language: English