Telemedicine: A Practical Guide About the Benefits and Regulations of Telehealth for Medical Providers, Mental Health Professionals (Paperback)

Telemedicine: A Practical Guide About the Benefits and Regulations of Telehealth for Medical Providers, Mental Health Professionals By Mike Richards Cover Image

Telemedicine: A Practical Guide About the Benefits and Regulations of Telehealth for Medical Providers, Mental Health Professionals (Paperback)


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Do you want to provide the best healthcare to your patients without risking their lives?Do want to reach more patients and increase your income?
If the answer to these questions is yes, keep reading to know how Telemedicine is the solution to your problems.

This book was written to guide medical professionals (and everyone else interested) about telehealth, whether they're just curious, looking to start a telehealth business or looking for employment in telehealth. You'll learn about benefits, laws and regulations, employment and more.

Let's Define Telehealth

Technology has revolutionized the way people communicate with each other and it has a great potential to help solve contemporary global health problems.

Telehealth can be as simple as two doctors talking on the phone about a patient's care, or as complex as using robotic technology to perform surgery from a remote site. Today, telehealth is frequently associated with remote monitoring of a patient's condition; for example, blood pressure, heart rate, and other measures of health status can be obtained by a device worn by the patient and sent electronically to medical personnel.

Telehealth is a great tool for the dissemination of information on the care and prevention of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, respiratory and of course epidemics.

"Telemedicine" is one of the most prominent, well-known and used branches of telehealth. It's the exchange of medical information through some electronic means of communication, between two people who are not located in the same space.

While telehealth is the health system as such, making use of ICT, with special emphasis on the preventive nature. In its broadest definition, telehealth includes a full range of activities that help the patient and the general population to be healthy: prevention, promotion, diagnosis, self-care and treatment.

What types of telehealth technologies exist and how are they improving healthcare?

Teleconsultations allow a doctor in a rural area to receive advice from a specialist, who may be in a distant location, about patients with special or complex conditions.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a technology that allows patients to be monitored outside of conventional clinical settings, such as at home. MRP requires sensors in a device that wirelessly transmits or records physiological information to be analyzed by a healthcare professional.

Intraoperative monitoring (IOM) is a technique that allows a surgeon to perform continuous checks, records, and tests during a difficult surgical procedure. In neurological surgeries, MIO is used to detect potentially harmful changes in the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerve function before irreversible damage occurs. Rural hospital staff rarely has the necessary experience to perform this type of monitoring.

In this book you will learn this and more:

  • Introduction to Telehealth and How It Works
  • Difference between Telehealth and Telemedicine
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Advantages for Doctors and Patients
  • Costs of Developing a Telemedicine App

This book is a complete guide explaining everything you need to know to get into the Telehealth industry, whether to start your own business or to find employment. It includes the pros and cons, the costs, how to start on your own, laws and regulations, what kind of services you can offer and more. You can make the best of this information to improve your life and many others.

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Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 9th, 2020
Pages: 196
Language: English