Through Every Danger: Four Romantic Suspense Novels (Paperback)

Through Every Danger: Four Romantic Suspense Novels By Lisa Phillips, Michelle Aleckson, Lynn Shannon Cover Image

Through Every Danger: Four Romantic Suspense Novels (Paperback)


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Undertow - Lisa Phillips

Selena is ready to retire from her career as a social media stunt star. After a disastrous breakup, one last job-on a cruise-will give her the cash to take charge of her future. Peter wants to make full operative at Vanguard Security. After breaking the law in his teens he needs to succeed at the straight and narrow, and that means keeping his personal feelings for Selena under wraps. When a dangerous foreign general and more than one spy prove they have other plans for both Selena and Peter, they have to band together to stay alive. Or they'll be sucked beneath the undertow.

Swept Away - Michelle Aleckson

California science teacher and ocean lover, Malani Davis, is only stepping in for another surf instructor. However, she's not sure this Minnesota deputy, Lukas Berglund, has what it takes to catch waves. Who shows up to the beach in cowboy boots?

But when Luke saves her life, she realizes he's more than capable and accepts his help in her search for her foster sister. Besides, he won't be sticking around, so maybe she can keep guard over her heart, and they'll find the missing teen quickly.

Instead, it will take the help of their friends and a whole lot of grit to face their worst fears and survive as they're swept away in a wave of danger.

Fractured Memories - Lynn Shannon

As a teen, Texas Ranger Felicity Capshaw witnessed a murder. The traumatic incident-and the accompanying amnesia-has affected her entire life. She reopens the cold case, but the investigation is cut short when she's assaulted and nearly killed.

Detective Noah Hodge is no stranger to loss. He's buried his parents and his wife. All he wants is to raise his daughter and keep his hometown safe. When the killer targets Felicity, Noah commits to protecting her, even though each second in her presence makes him question why he's locked away his battered heart.

As Felicity's memories return, the threats escalate. Can Noah help her uncover the truth? Or will the killer silence her forever?

Lethal Inheritance - Rebecca Hemlock

K-9 Officer Kelly Blithe is on the job when she discovers her brother Scott has been murdered. With her other brother Chris named as the chief suspect, Kelly is forced to trust a man she barely knows to solve the case.

Detective Harry Miller's life was changed forever when a suspect attack left him scarred. After another murder case lands on his desk, he'll have to convince Kelly that her living brother really did commit this murder.

Neither wants the attraction that quickly overrides their growing friendship. When they discover a massive inheritance is involved, they'll have to finish the work of a dead man to find out who killed Scott.

Product Details ISBN: 9798885522250
Publisher: Two Dogs Publishing, LLC.
Publication Date: July 18th, 2023
Pages: 548
Language: English