Pauline's Puzzlement: A Kid's Book... Not Just for Kids (Hardcover)

Pauline's Puzzlement: A Kid's Book... Not Just for Kids By Steve Kunz Cover Image

Pauline's Puzzlement: A Kid's Book... Not Just for Kids (Hardcover)


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Pauline's Puzzlement

Did you ever feel like kicking yourself between the back pockets? Did you ever do something that you knew was unacceptable to God, yet it was done, seemingly against your desire to do it? Have you ever felt powerless to keep from doing the thing or things that were wrong Well, you're not alone Travel along with us as we spend time with Pauline Princeton and that cute, but totally undetected narrator of this story, as we see how "Pauline's Puzzlement" moves unpredictably along, finally arriving at the desired destination of, "Puzzlement Solved"

After a person has given their heart to the Lord, many will question their salvation because they experience sin once again causing them problems. You have probably also experienced that same quandary, conundrum, or Puzzlement and wondered why? Pauline is no exception We will go on a journey that will follow Pauline from a time before and after she accepted Jesus as the Savior of her life.

When she gave her heart to the Lord, Pauline thought that she would never sin again, but she did We will continue watching with dropped jaws as she wrestles with the reemergence of sin in her life. How will her "Puzzlement" be remedied? Have no fear Someone close to Pauline comes to the rescue with some surprising and useful answers that will help her navigate through her Puzzlement. Hopefully you or someone you know, that may have a similar "Puzzlement", will be helped and have Victory over the sin nature

If you're ready to experience joy unspeakable and freedom from habitual sin, please join us as we go on the journey of a lifetime Don't you think it's time to quit kicking yourself in the back pockets?

Yes, I totally agree

Product Details ISBN: 9798886858433
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing
Publication Date: September 29th, 2023
Pages: 54
Language: English