12 Rounds with Bob Dylan: The Pugilistic Poet (Paperback)

12 Rounds with Bob Dylan: The Pugilistic Poet By Richard B. Westlein Cover Image

12 Rounds with Bob Dylan: The Pugilistic Poet (Paperback)


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Explore Bob Dylan's (somewhat secret) life and music through 12 periods of artistic evolution.

You may think you know Bob Dylan. But this guitarist and American singer songwriter of folk, rock, and other musical genres lived a more fascinating life than you likely know. For example, did you know Dylan is a trained boxer with a private, state-of-the-art boxing facility?

Dylan enthusiast and expert Richard B. Westlein uses the rockstar's interest in boxing as the framework for 12 Rounds with Bob Dylan. This narrative nonfiction is a fascinating deep dive into Dylan's life and music, examined through his artistic evolution during 12 windows of time and a fictional boxing storyline woven throughout the text. You'll be enlightened and inspired as you tour the paths this intriguing music artist has traversed.

You will:

  • Broaden your knowledge of Bob Dylan's nonmusical interests, including art and acting.
  • Understand his voluminous body of work chronologically and the impact of his best songs as you read through 12 periods that defined his music.
  • Chuckle as you follow the entertaining pugilistic storyline.
  • Delve into detailed descriptions of some of the greatest hits among 500+ songs the famous singer has written and copyrighted.
  • Find information quickly with biographical bullets, album details, and an overview of major achievements at each chapter's end.

Follow Bob Dylan's career through Western popular music history and the cultural issues of the times. Pick up 12 Rounds with Bob Dylan and get to know this popular mystic and modern rockstar

Product Details ISBN: 9798987675106
Publisher: Jupiter Publishing Co.
Publication Date: June 7th, 2023
Pages: 304
Language: English