I Am Devotional: Knowing Who I Am In Christ Jesus (Large Print / Hardcover)

I Am Devotional: Knowing Who I Am In Christ Jesus By Collette Allen Cover Image

I Am Devotional: Knowing Who I Am In Christ Jesus (Large Print / Hardcover)


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In the sea of existential questions, the echoes of "Who am I?", "What am I doing here?", "Where am I going?", and "Why am I here?" are ones that reverberate in the minds of all individuals. While these are compelling queries, without a guide or compass, they often lead to a maze of confusion and self-doubt.

"I AM Devotional" is an enlightening exploration into these fundamental life questions, offering a beacon of wisdom and insight to those lost in their search for self-identity and purpose. Written from the heart of an author who has personally grappled with these very inquiries, this 40-day devotional provides not only solace but also a roadmap to self-discovery.

Guided by faith and an intimate understanding of the spiritual journey, the author unveils the profound truth that the answers lie within The Source-our divine Creator, God Almighty. This revelation, while seemingly intuitive, often remains undiscovered or forgotten amidst the noise of daily life. Through this transformative work, readers are invited to reconnect with this Source, illuminating the path to truth and understanding.

Each day of the journey is accompanied by potent biblical scriptures, affirming and confirming the answers to the ever-present existential questions. This inspiring guide serves as a valuable resource, enabling readers to unravel their unique place and purpose in this vast universe.

"I AM Devotional" is more than just a book; it's an invitation to experience an awakening, to embrace your divinely intended identity-to become the "I AM" that you were always meant to be. Discover the profound truth within you, and watch as it catalyzes a life-altering transformation.

Product Details ISBN: 9798988568322
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Kings Heart Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: June 18th, 2023
Pages: 198
Language: English