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Aesthetics and the Incarnation in Early Medieval Britain: Materiality and the Flesh of the Word By Tiffany Beechy Cover Image
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Neighbours, Distrust, and the State: What the Poorer Working Class in Britain Felt about Government and Each Other, 1860s to 1930s By Marc Brodie Cover Image
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A Short History of the Anglo-Saxons (Short Histories) By Henrietta Leyser Cover Image
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Civilizations of the Silk Road By H. K. Chang, Xiaobo Zhang (Other) Cover Image
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Economic Circularity in the Roman and Early Medieval Worlds: New Perspectives on Invisible Agents and Dynamics By Irene Bavuso (Editor), Guido Furlan (Editor), Emanuele E. Intagliata (Editor) Cover Image
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Return from Exile: Revelations from an Anchoress in St. Augustine By Marie Laure Cover Image
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Bede the Scholar By Peter Darby (Editor), Máirín Maccarron (Editor) Cover Image
By Peter Darby (Editor), Máirín Maccarron (Editor)
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The Intimate State: How Emotional Life Became Political in Welfare-State Britain By Teri Chettiar Cover Image
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Approaching Pipe Rolls: The Thirteenth Century By Richard Cassidy Cover Image
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Writing the Welsh Borderlands in Anglo-Saxon England (Artes Liberales) By Lindy Brady Cover Image
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ÆThelflæd, Lady of the Mercians, and Women in Tenth-Century England (Publications of the Richard Rawlinson Center) By Rebecca Hardie (Editor) Cover Image
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Basilisks and Beowulf: Monsters in the Anglo-Saxon World By Tim Flight Cover Image
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