Alas, Babylon - Pat Frank

In 1959, just two years after Nevil Shute published his masterwork On the Beach, an American writer named Pat Frank put his own spin on the post-apocalyptic novel with Alas, Babylon: After America and Russia clobber each other with nuclear weapons, only pockets of survivors can be found around the country. One such pocket exists in the fictional town of Fort Repose in Central Florida, where Randy Bragg (former playboy and general lay-about) discovers a sense of purpose he never had before when he is thrust into a leadership role. When the bombs drop, what’s left of the country is plunged into preindustrial life. Without electricity, clean running water, a reliable food supply, there is always work to be done. With a house full of people to care for, armed highwaymen roaming the streets, and his brother missing in action, Randy can no longer loaf. Luckily, he has the help of the plucky town librarian (“Children have nothing to do but read now!” she says cheerfully, and readership soars), the neighborhood gossip, his resourceful sister–in-law and her two children, his clever girlfriend and the local doctor all on his side. You’ll find yourself cheering for Randy, hoping against hope for his missing brother and loving every minute of this thought-provoking adventure.

Alas, Babylon (Perennial Classics) By Pat Frank Cover Image
ISBN: 9780060741877
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Published: Harper Perennial Modern Classics - July 5th, 2005