All the Justice Money Can Buy - Snigdha Prakash

Snigdha Prakash, author of All the Justice Money Can Buy, is a friend and a regular patron of both the bookstore and the coffeehouse. When she told me she had written a book, I said, “Great! When I can read it?” When I saw it was an account of personal injury litigation between Big Pharma (in this case, Merck) and survivors’ families, my heart sank. Yet as soon as I began reading, I was caught up in the drama and conflict of this story of outsize personalities, big money and the fascinating but infuriating process of tort law. Irrespective of whether you are already interested in law or big business, All the Justice Money Can Buy is a great book for anyone who loves a great story well told. Reminiscent of A Civil Action, it is more than a mere legal drama, it is a compelling non-fiction narrative and a great story.