Caravaggio: (1571-1610) - Felix Witting, M. L. Patrizi

Drawn from the exhibition commemorating the quadricentennial of Caravaggio’s death in 1610, CARAVAGGIO (Skira, $70), edited by Rossella Vodret, of the Polo Museale in Rome and Francesco Buranelli, a member of the Pontifical Commision for Cultural Heritage, presents two dozen of the 50 paintings that have been attributed with certainty to this 17th-century master.  Each of the paintings is accompanied by an essay on its subject as well as on the details of the work itself.  While many of the paintings are icons, like the Bacchus from 1597 and The Supper at Emmaus from 1601, others, such as the Basket of Fruit and Sleeping Cupid, are less familiar. Caravaggio, who often found the models for his saints among street ruffians, has been called the master of light and dark for the striking chiaroscuro that typifies his work; this is a great occasion to revisit this Baroque master.