My Reading Life - Pat Conroy

In an enchanting new memoir, Pat Conroy attributes his life-long literary preoccupations to his mother’s having read to him all 1,000 pages of Gone with the  Wind when he was five and to a high-school English teacher’s infectious passion for great literature. These defining experiences launched him on the path so personally and appealingly described in MY READING LIFE (Nan A. Talese, $25). Despite the fact that I have never been a great fan of Conroy’s fiction, I was so completely absorbed by his accounts of the teachers, writers, and books that he has absorbed into his life’s blood that I read this book straight through to the end, pausing occasionally to reread sections like his tribute to War and Peace, a novel that so awed him he’s read it three times.

My Reading Life By Pat Conroy Cover Image
ISBN: 9780385533577
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Published: Nan A. Talese - November 2nd, 2010