The Noma Guide to Fermentation by René Redzepi, David Zilber

Staff Pick

Through his groundbreaking menu at Noma in Copenhagen, René Redzepi questioned our long-held core beliefs of what is delicious and what is edible. In The Noma Guide to Fermentation (Artisan, $40), René and his Head of Fermentation, David Zilber, push us to the next frontier of cooking by challenging us to see what is possible if we pay attention and engage with the ingredients in front of us in an open, questioning way.  Much like Samin Nosrat’s 2017 Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, here the essential elements of flavor are broken down and laid bare. Considering the complex science involved in the creation of everything from lacto-tomato water to coffee shoyu, the great surprise of this book is the clarity and simplicity of the recipes and the universal application of the specific processes. I can’t stress enough: this isn’t just for your friends that like to pickle! It’s for any home chef (or eater) that thinks seriously about how to make their food more delicious.