Hold Still - Sally Mann

Documenting life in crisp, haunting fractions of a second—the longest she can get it to Hold Still—Sally Mann has photographed everything from birth to death, a range that includes love and parenthood, matters of race, art, horses, and dogs. Her memoir is a rich collage of her own and her family’s photos, news clippings, report cards, suicide and other notes, around which Mann tells stories with a novelist’s sense of pacing and the fine artist’s deft handling of image and tone. She has a special affinity for place, and her landscapes are “moments of visual revelation,” while her portraits are shot through with a terrific empathy. Driven to discover what makes people who they are, she also reveals herself, and you’ll find her much more than “a regular person doggedly making ordinary art.”

Hold Still: A Memoir with Photographs By Sally Mann Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316247757
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Published: Back Bay Books - April 26th, 2016

Out of Sight: The Los Angeles Art Scene of the Sixties - William Hackman

In Out of Sight, William Hackman's writing on Los Angeles in the 1960s is as full of lucidity and subtly cosmic interrogation as the art of Bengston, Ruscha, Celmins, and others that he takes for his subject. Most refreshingly, it serves as a city portrait that treats Los Angeles as a place as opposed to a symbol, where the Hollywood sign is less an emblem of a glitzy Babylon than a piece of an urban landscape, one whose horizon lines and subcultures point to lofty visions of a more mystical variety than the movie industry depicts. Read inside to see how these visions mutate through exposure to police investigation, New York art scene interference, and suburban bureaucracies - it’s a fascinating history.

Out of Sight: The Los Angeles Art Scene of the Sixties By William Hackman Cover Image
ISBN: 9781590514115
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Published: Other Press - April 14th, 2015

Michelangelo - Miles Unger

Michelangelo redefined what it means to be an artist and possibly even our very notion of genius. Michelangelo: A Life In Six Masterpieces puts his art in the political, religious, and cultural context of the time and gives us a fascinating psychological portrait of the man, complete with artistic self-confidence, prickly personality, concern with fame and reputation, and perfectionism. Miles Unger’s thoughtful biography is the perfect introduction to both Michelangelo’s art and life.

Michelangelo: A Life in Six Masterpieces By Miles J. Unger Cover Image
ISBN: 9781451678789
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Published: Simon & Schuster - July 21st, 2015