Tender is the Flesh, by Agustina Bazterrica

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With the force of prophecy, Bazterrica's novel looks at what happens when human meat is substituted for that of animals--which has become poisoned--offering a glimpse of the lengths society may go to preserve, and justify, the status quo, Written in detached, powerful prose, the narrative interrogates the rot at the center of capitalism, exposing its moral failure as a system in which everything can be turned into a commodity for mass consumption under the right conditions.




Tender Is the Flesh By Agustina Bazterrica, Sarah Moses (Translated by) Cover Image
By Agustina Bazterrica, Sarah Moses (Translated by)
ISBN: 9781982150921
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Published: Scribner - August 4th, 2020

The Trees, by Percival Everett

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Everett’s Booker-shortlisted novel combines laugh-out-loud satire with the very real horrors that white supremacy has inflicted upon people of color, particularly Black people. It's a hard thing for a narrative about lynching and its legacy to pull off, but this book makes you laugh with one line--even as the next makes you recoil with fear and disgust. The story begins with the murder of a white man, the descendant of one of Emmett Till's killers--with beside him a corpse that eerily resembles Emmett. From there, Everett conducts a grim tour of America’s lynchings, ratcheting up the momentum as he goes.



The Trees: A Novel By Percival Everett Cover Image
ISBN: 9781644450642
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Published: Graywolf Press - September 21st, 2021

LaserWriter II, by Tamara Shopsin

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Set in 1990s New York at the dawn of the personal computer--which few people owned and fewer people knew how to fix--Shopsin's novel centers on a quirky band of free spirits, most notably Claire, a young women learning to navigate this strange new landscape where technology is both immediate and fleeting. With plenty of freshness and humor, this short novel shines a light on that psychologically distant era before devices fit in the palm of our hands and Apple stores grew on every main street and mall.


LaserWriter II: A Novel By Tamara Shopsin Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250859037
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Published: Picador - October 11th, 2022