The Long Fall - Walter Mosley

Walter Mosley, having laid Easy Rawlins to rest, introduces a new detective, Leonid McGill, an ex-boxer and a hard- drinking PI of the old school, in The Long Fall (Riverhead, $25.95). McGill has not lived a good life. He’s worked for the Mob and been involved with businessmen whose businesses were at best marginally legal. He’s married in name only, and there’s a cop who’s made it his mission to catch McGill in the act of doing wrong.  When McGill is hired to find four young men known only by their street names, it’s just a job. But as they start dying, he has to make a decision. In his quest to turn his life around, he knows he must act to find out what’s behind the deaths. And he must do this before the forces allied against him claim victory. We’ll hear from Leonid again as he moves through the city he loves, New York.

The Long Fall: The First Leonid McGill Mystery (A Leonid McGill Mystery #1) By Walter Mosley Cover Image
ISBN: 9780451230256
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Published: Berkley - February 2nd, 2010

The Private Patient - P. D. James

Even though I have sworn off murder mysteries (too scary) I still read each of P.D. James’s new books. Adam Dalgliesh is a man of such calm and compassion that he reassures us that all will be well in a chaotic world. James’s glorious writing and psychological insight make her the master that she is. In her latest book, The Private Patient (Knopf, $25.95), Dalgliesh and his associates are called down to Devon to investigate the death of an investigative reporter in a private nursing home, a once-great stately house. Who among the staff and visitors had reason to wish Rhoda Gradwyn dead? A number of people at Cheverell Manor are hiding out there; who is the one who killed Ms.Gradwyn?

The Private Patient (Adam Dalgliesh #14) By P. D. James Cover Image
ISBN: 9780307455284
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Published: Vintage - November 3rd, 2009

When Will There Be Good News? - Kate Atkinson

Kate Atkinson’s newest novel When Will There Be Good News? (Little, Brown, $24.99) begins with six-year-old Joanna trotting home from town with her mother and her siblings. They encounter a creepy stranger who interrupts their walk and alters the course of their lives forever. Thirty years later, the man is released from prison, the adult Joanna and her baby disappear from their comfortable Edinburgh suburb, and only the nanny seems to care.  Enter Jackson Brodie and Louise Monroe, two flawed yet endearing characters readers will remember from previous Atkinson books, who reluctantly take on the case. As the search for Joanna and her infant escalates and the mysteries multiply, it’ll be hard to put the book down until its stunning conclusion leaves you breathless with surprise.

When Will There Be Good News?: A Novel (Jackson Brodie #3) By Kate Atkinson Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316012836
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Published: Back Bay Books - January 11th, 2010