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If you are a young person who feels as if they are living at the end of things or a not-so-young person wondering about the world you will leave behind: read this book. Doerr expertly weaves together five perspectives linked by a fantastical ancient Greek text, each of his protagonists finding new meaning in the story of a young man searching for a utopia in the sky. The characters almost seem to reach out to each other from across time and space, binding together 15th-century Constantinople, a town in present-day Idaho under siege from developers, and a lonely girl on the interstellar ship Argos. Themes of environmental and historical disaster dominate the narrative but don't drag it under, leaving the reader with an oddly hopeful message: yes, this is the end of everything, and yes, there will be more ends to come.

Cloud Cuckoo Land: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9781982168438
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Published: Scribner - September 28th, 2021

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Mary Doria Russell is an anthropologist by profession and her academic background shows in her brilliant first novel, which sends a Jesuit mission to space in search of the source of haunting musical broadcasts from the Alpha Centauri system. Starting after the rescue of Emilio Sandoz— priest, linguist, and lone survivor of the expedition—the unfolding horror of what happens to the mission is at all times present in the narrative but contrasts with the heartbreaking beauty of the relationships formed between the explorers on the alien world of Rakhat. Russell gracefully balances questions of faith, love, and family with a speculative premise of awful and magnificent scope.

The Sparrow: A Novel (The Sparrow Series #1) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780449912553
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Published: Ballantine Books - September 8th, 1997

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Chills! Thrills! An elf wizard named Taako! Based on the wildly popular podcast of the same name, the first volume of The Adventure Zone delivers on its goofy premise and keeps all the best elements of the source material. Skeptics and devotees of Dungeons & Dragons alike will delight at Griffin McElroy's fourth wall-breaking cameos as Dungeon Master and good-natured skewering of some of the sillier aspects of the roleplaying format (perception checks, final bosses, etc.). Taako, Magnus, and Merle may only be at level one, but with some help from the Extreme Teen Bible and a magic umbrella, they're about to take the (fantasy) world by storm.

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ISBN: 9781250153708
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Published: First Second - July 17th, 2018