Crying in H Mart, by Michelle Zauner

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Michelle Zauner, founder of the band Japanese Breakfast, begins her book grieving over her mother’s death and seeking refuge in the aisles of H Mart, the Asian grocery store filled with foods she associates with her mother’s cooking. Growing up Korean-American in Eugene, Oregon, food was central to Zauner’s family life. But coming of age, food was not enough to transcend tricky cultural and generational divides with her mother. Zauner left for college to chart her path as a creative artist and cement her own identity. Her mother’s diagnosis with cancer, when Zauner was in her early 20s, altered the mother-daughter dynamic, shrinking the geographic and emotional distance between them and paving the way for a deeper, more accepting relationship. Zauner’s writing is evocative throughout, especially her sensorial descriptions of food and her moving narration of her mother’s illness and passing.  


Crying in H Mart: A Memoir By Michelle Zauner Cover Image
ISBN: 9780525657743
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Published: Knopf - April 20th, 2021

Lost & Found, by Kathryn Schulz

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The Pulitzer-prize winning New Yorker writer, Kathryn Schulz, showcases her literary breadth and originality in this brilliant meditation on losing, finding, and the “&” that connects the two. Starting with the etymology of the words in her title—lost, found, &--she evokes literary, historical, and philosophical references that speak to grief and love as universal human experiences. Schulz is bravely revelatory as she weaves in her own story, describing how her devastation over the loss of her father also had a reciprocal effect:she fell deeply in love. As readers of her work know, her writing is unfailingly elegant and moving; her story of the magic of finding true love is in a class by itself.

Lost & Found: A Memoir By Kathryn Schulz Cover Image
ISBN: 9780525512462
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Published: Random House - January 11th, 2022

Awakening, by Rachel Vogelstein and Meighan Stone

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This excellent book by lawyer Rachel Vogelstein, an expert on gender policy, and Meighan Stone, formerly head of the Malala Fund, is the first to capture the global impact of the #MeToo movement. The authors construct their case with stories of courageous women who deployed new digital tools to build successful #MeToo movements in seven global hot spots—regions with different histories, cultures, political climates, and records on women’s rights. Awakening does not whitewash the backlash against those who challenge gender injustice, but overall the authors are confident that women can continue to galvanize and organize powerful movements to create change around the world.

Awakening: #MeToo and the Global Fight for Women's Rights By Rachel B. Vogelstein, Meighan Stone Cover Image
ISBN: 9781541758629
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Published: PublicAffairs - July 13th, 2021