Let Me Be Frank with You: A Frank Bascombe Book - Richard Ford

In his award-winning series, The Sportswriter, Independence Day, and Lay of the Land, Richard Ford evolved his wise but hapless protagonist, Frank Bascombe. Let Me Be Frank with You (Ecco, $27.99), four inter-connected novellas, finds Frank on the New Jersey shore in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Sixty-eight and a retired realtor, Frank has escaped the devastation suffered by so many because he sold his ocean front property, opting for a simpler life in the small town of Haddam. Viewing the ruins of the area’s once grand houses offers Frank the opportunity to comment on wealth, race, politics, commercialization, and the general decline of the quality of life in twenty-first century America. This might be depressing if Ford wasn’t so eloquent and if Frank wasn’t so clear-eyed and hilarious.

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ISBN: 9780061692062
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Published: Ecco - November 4th, 2014

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ISBN: 9780061692079
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Published: Ecco - October 13th, 2015

Love Me Back - Merritt Tierce

Marie, the narrator in Love Me Back (Doubleday, $23.95), Merritt Tierce’s powerful debut novel, is a server in a posh Dallas steakhouse where patrons run expensive tabs and the employees wind down from their shifts with copious amounts of drugs and alcohol. Her life thrown off course by an unexpected pregnancy when she’s sixteen, Marie takes refuge in her abilities as a professional restaurant worker, punishing herself with harmful relationships and ill-advised choices. This is a fascinating look at restaurant sub-culture as well as a memorable portrait of a young woman caught up in a complicated situation. Tierce, a National Book Foundation “5 Under 35” honoree, has a take-no-prisoners approach to character and story and each chapter reverberates with life and loss.

Love Me Back By Merritt Tierce Cover Image
ISBN: 9780345807137
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Published: Anchor - June 9th, 2015

J. M. W. Turner: Painting Set Free - David Blayney Brown, Amy Concannon, Sam Smiles

J.M.W. Turner: Painting Set Free (Getty, $49.95) examines the later years of the great Victorian artist’s career. From 1835 to 1850, when he stopped exhibiting his work, Turner grew less reliant on description and instead emphasized the dynamism of light and color, producing watercolors and oil paintings of magnificent seas and skies, floods and storms. With its apparent gestures to Impressionism, Expressionism, and Abstraction, this is work that segues easily into the movements that would follow, but in the essays accompanying the images, David Blayney Brown, Amy Concannon, curators at the Tate, and the University of Exeter’s Sam Smiles maintain that Turner’s freedom of application and abandonment of rigorous detail was a continuation of his artistic investigation into perception and its limitations, not the invention of a radical new style. This volume chronicles a most fascinating period of Turner’s career with vivid illustrations and captivating text.