Intermezzo by Sally Rooney

Staff Pick

Rooney has once again proven herself a master of human tendency in its subtlest forms: the tiny, everyday abuses we accept and commit, the excruciating misunderstandings and incompatibilities, the objects our eyes first find when we enter a room. The narrative sways between Ivan and Peter, “brains and beauty,” quietly enduring the months following their father’s death. Ivan, 22, is a probably-autistic chess wiz of declining rank, in love with an older woman. Peter, a thirty-something attorney, dithers between his carefree college student girlfriend, and his first love. In true Rooney form, no one can see eye to eye. I devoured this.



Intermezzo: A Novel By Sally Rooney Cover Image
ISBN: 9780374602635
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Published: Farrar, Straus and Giroux - September 24th, 2024

How It Works Out by Myriam Lacroix

Staff Pick

This novel is a fun, gay, bizarre, and at times moving palate cleanser. Each of its seven chapters takes place in an alternate reality starring Myriam and Allison in various degrees of togetherness. They are by turns a CEO and a climate activist, a dog and a mantis, a loving couple with a cannibalism kink. Threaded with recurrent motifs and satirical bits, the book is warm and confusing, and feels like being let in on an inside joke.

How It Works Out: A Novel By Myriam Lacroix Cover Image
ISBN: 9781419773518
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Published: The Overlook Press - May 7th, 2024

Banal Nightmare by Halle Butler

Staff Pick

This delightfully feral and totally mundane book is about a bunch of midwestern intellectual elites who hate each other. Reading it is like watching a group of fine-tuned Sims, complete with intricate dating histories and socioeconomic backgrounds, mingle for 300 pages. Yet this isn't a story without a heart--these are vivid, emotional beings, albeit satirical. In particular, Butler's protagonist, Moddie, is endearingly deranged and confusingly charismatic, the kind of character whose impenetrable halo you just want to bask in for a while. I loved how insane this book is without truly exiting the realm of plausibility.

Banal Nightmare: A Novel By Halle Butler Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593730355
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Published: Random House - July 16th, 2024