The Other Language - Francesca Marciano

The nine stories of Francesca Marciano’s The Other Language (Pantheon, $24.95) feature characters in foreign lands during transitional times in their lives. In one, a middle-aged married couple on holiday in India makes spontaneous decisions that affect the rest of their lives. In another a recently divorced woman has just purchased a house in a small Italian village; hoping for serenity, she is instead confronted by her fractured familial relationships, an eccentric villager with a remarkable talent, and a movie star who just won’t go away. The collection perfectly encapsulates the bittersweet, lonely feeling of traveling or living abroad. Marciano is a natural storyteller, and reading her work is like listening to a friend talk about people she knows. As well as being conversational, Marciano’s language has an almost cinematic quality—I was utterly engrossed in each scene as it played out before me. Whether you’re going on vacation or just dreaming about one, I can’t imagine a more atmospheric book to accompany and inspire you. I simply love this book.

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ISBN: 9780345804488
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Published: Vintage - February 3rd, 2015

Between My Father and the King: New and Uncollected Stories - Janet Frame

A father who disciplines his daughter “looked as if he’d been sent all the bills in the world and couldn’t pay them.” A little girl “sounded small and strange, as if she lived in a fairy tale”; in fact she does live in a fairy tale, and by its rules, she is perfectly normal. In such lines, New Zealand’s Janet Frame crystallized whole lives, and her short stories, in turn, encapsulate much larger narratives. Frame’s characters are generally outsiders; they’re poor, ill, or disenfranchised by some perceived oddness. But they are not passive. Frame describes one woman as having “a kind of helplessness” in her eyes that “would change in a flash to defiance.” The two dozen works in Between My Father and the King (Counterpoint, $15.95) are stories of that flash. Frame (1924-2004) was institutionalized herself (saved from a lobotomy by winning a writing award) and she questions authority by showing how even those who have it—the rich, the doctors—are subject to fate’s reversals. Frame has tremendous empathy as well as imagination, and her brilliant portrayals of life from the perspectives of children and patients show how these marginalized individuals supplement their partial understanding of reality with dreams, myths, and stories, creating for themselves alternate realities that may collide with the accepted one, but that may also allow them to thrive.

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ISBN: 9781619023208
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Published: Counterpoint - May 13th, 2014

The Color Master - Aimee Bender

From The Girl in the Flammable Skirt to Willful Creatures, the fiction writer Aimee Bender has proven herself a master of the short story. The fifteen meticulously crafted pieces in her latest collection, The Color Master (Anchor, $15), feature characters such as a woman who mends the torn-apart flesh of tigers and a child who cannot recognize other people’s faces—figures that provoke an elegant disquiet. Enter Bender’s spare, strange, and often heartbreakingly lovely small worlds, and when you re-emerge, it’s with something fundamentally shifted. Bender is that rare writer who can achieve much with few words—just one quality which makes this work so compelling, important, and utterly enjoyable.

The Color Master By Aimee Bender Cover Image
ISBN: 9780307744197
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Published: Anchor - April 22nd, 2014