Super Sad True Love Story - Gary Shteyngart

In Gary Shteyngart’s wildly and plausibly imagined future, everyone drinks alkalinized water, checks credit ratings on the public Credit Poles, and streams endless data on their own and everyone else’s health and hotness stats via apparati. The U.S. is controlled by the Bipartisan Party and the American Restoration Authority demands compliance with and denial of its existence. Some things haven’t changed, however. A grown man still feels like he’s twelve when he enters his parents’ house, and love is still hard. The SUPER SAD TRUE LOVE STORY (Random House, $26) is the bittersweet match between aging Lenny Abramov, an Indefinite Life Extension specialist with Post-Human Services, and young, lovely Eunice Park. But social unrest, fueled by income disparity, also hasn’t changed, and the romance plays out against a revolution. Shteyngart’s third novel offers electrifying social satire, wit and sass aplenty.


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ISBN: 9780812977868
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Published: Random House Trade Paperbacks - May 3rd, 2011

World and Town - Gish Jen

In four previous works of fiction, Gish Jen has given her lively, bemused, often outright funny take on the immigrant experience in today’s U.S. Her new “only in America” novel is set in the WORLD AND TOWN (Knopf, $26.95) of Riverlake, a typical New England hamlet, economically depressed but full of community spirit, where you’re as likely to find reborn Buddhists as born-again Christians, Cambodian refugees as the latest in the long line of Puritans. Hattie Kong, daughter of an Iowa-born missionary and a Chinese descendant of Confucius, has recently moved there. Widowed and retired, Hattie wants to set down new roots. When she befriends the Chhung family, she gets involved in their difficulties with gangs, ghosts, PTSD, and an aggressive church. Jen is a genius with the voices of Riverlake, capturing the cadences of teenagers, preachers, self-righteous neighbors, stumbling English-speakers, and, especially, of the pragmatic and sentimental Hattie as she wins new hearts and re-conquers one old one.

Room - Emma Donoghue

Emma Donoghue’s novel ROOM (Little, Brown, $24.99) is told through the irrepressible and naive voice of Jack, a five-year-old who has lived his entire life inside an 11’ x 11’ shed. Jack’s depiction of “Room,” as he calls it, belies the horrid reality that exists for him and “Ma,” his only friend, teacher, and protector from “Old Nick,” who keeps them both captive. Donoghue takes an unthinkable situation and challenges the reader to relate to it in familiar ways. The magic here is not in creating an epic novel that covers generations and a constellation of characters, for which many authors have been praised, but in crafting an intimate story of a mother, a son, and how they survive and support each other in a confined space. Later, as Jack and Ma re-enter society, the narrative reveals how much “Room” has affected them both, and details the challenging process of individuation and recovery from trauma and deprivation. Skillful storytelling reveals the pair’s confusion and resilience, and will have you caring and rooting for them as they deal with the aftermath of a life they never chose. 

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ISBN: 9780316098335
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Published: Little, Brown and Company - September 13th, 2010

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ISBN: 9780316098328
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Published: Back Bay Books - May 18th, 2011